You are currently viewing Димитър Бербатов официално влиза в надпреварата за президент на БФС!

Dimitar Berbatov is officially running for BFU president!

👉 Here are the main points from today’s press conference on the subject:
- Similar to the last time, due to the fact that the congress on the 18th of March will be elective, I want to officially state that I am a candidate for the BFU presidency together with my team.
- You all saw the large support we have from the clubs who have nominated me as a candidate. As of today, I think their number is around 50. Huge thanks to each of them!
- If there are any other candidates, they should come out and present their ideas and plans - something which we did.
- If the current president does the same, it would be worthwhile for him to take an unpaid leave, so that BFU’s resources and systems are not used in the election campaign.
👉 For the pressure on clubs and the scandal from today:
- What is surprising is that clubs keep being pressured to sign counter-statements. This compulsion keeps going on. The most recent example is from today - from Shumen. There has been a blackmail.
The question is why does this happen given that the congress will be elective? Maybe this is a move with which the BFU management wants to cancel the congress. This is not morally right. ❌
- We cannot keep silent for what is happening and not protect the clubs who have raised these concerns.
- If we take the example from today with the club from Shumen which explains what is happening, this means that the fear of the clubs is vanishing. There must be an equal start - clubs must be given the right to freely express their opinions.
👉 The competent authorities have been notified:
The minister of internal affairs has been notified about the concrete acts of certain individuals. We expect full cooperation from the authorities.
👉 About the current management of the BFU:
- After the ruthless events on the previous congress, we realised that there is no room for giving up. The support that the clubs have shown us obliges us to fight.
- We see how BFU is now trying to incorporate some of our own ideas which we proposed last time and are presenting them as if they are their own. Why didn’t they present and realised them over the past years?
👉 About the forthcoming congress:
- I want members of all president candidates’ teams to be present, especially in the census commission. I want the clubs’ delegates to be given the chance to speak and not to be silenced by the leader of the congress.
- There were people who were blocking everyone else’s view, so that the counting process cannot be observed. This is absolutely unacceptable!
- The rules have to be clear before the start, so that everyone knows how this congress will go.
- We fight for you, the journalists, to be given access inside. Why were you kept outside last time - without sound and picture?
A huge thank you again to all clubs who will nominate me. We will see if other clubs will do the same. I want to and will be a president for all clubs. Each club who wants to support us is welcome! 🤝 🤝

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